Coffee Rituals

I ordered my first espresso drink December 31, 2003.  An extra hot double soy latte.  And for five years I stuck to that order religiously.  But then in 2009 drip coffee entered my life, and I haven’t looked back since.

It all started with Blue Bottle, and their elegant ceramic drip filter.  The lovely coffee preparation tools made me want to become part of the drip coffee cult.  And I already liked the aroma, so halfway there, right?  Well, I can assure you that three years later, I am a staunch devotee of drip coffee.  In fact, I can’t imagine a morning without it.  Much to the amusement of my friends, although I completed an entire semester abroad in Scotland with only one carry on piece of luggage, I managed to bring my trusty Blue Bottle filter, and other coffee accoutrements.

Recently, I have started grinding my own beans each morning.

(The jar I use to store my beans was made in Italy, and it also made the journey to Scotland with me in my carry on!)

Apparently Burr coffee grinders are the way to go.  This method grinds the beans without producing heat, so none of the delicate oils of the coffee bean are destroyed.  (I’m not sure if my palette is refined enough to taste a difference!)  Regardless, my Burr grinder is serving me well.

And then the magic happens!

When water first hits the grounds, the coffee “blooms.”  (By no means does this photo do it justice!)

After a few minutes my steaming mug of coffee is ready.

Definitely something worthwhile to wake up to!



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